Company Profile

Speedpanel is an unlisted private company that manufactures and markets a cutting edge acoustic and fire rated wall product. Speedpanel’s light weight composition, ease of installation and its superior acoustic properties has seen its broad acceptance throughout the building industry.

Speedpanel has been used in many iconic buildings throughout Australia, examples in Victoria include the Eureka Tower where Speedpanel was used in the fire stairwells, the Melbourne Convention Centre and Melbourne University Commerce Buildings saw Speedpanel used in very high Auditorium walls among other applications.

Penetrations through Speedpanel plant room and riser walls at the Royal Children’s Hospital, AAMI stadium and “The Age” building on Collins St were also a breeze. At the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Vodafone Arena Speedpanel also doubled as support structure for the external cladding. Blunt impact dent resistance is no challenge for Speedpanel, being used for walls on Basketball Courts most recently at the home and headquarters of AFL Club; the Western Bulldogs.

Well known projects in Sydney include 1 Bligh St, the Star City Casino, Macquarie University & the new ANZ tower on Castlereagh St.

In Queensland, Speedpanel’s versatility is being found in many hospitals, these including the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Cairns and Mackay Hospitals, and the Gold Coast University Hospital. The Oracle on the Gold Coast also saw the use of Speedpanel in its Scissor Stairs among other areas.

From apartment buildings in the nation’s capital (ACT) to mining projects in Western Australia, car parks in Darwin, even a desalination plant in Adelaide, industrial & shed projects throughout rural Australia, Speedpanel has offered time and cost savings for many different types of construction.

Speedpanel’s use of recycled materials in its composition and low energy use during manufacture see a significantly lower carbon footprint than that of other building products with the same performance criteria.

Our high green credentials have been a driving force with Speedpanel’s involvement with many green star projects like 1 Bligh St in Sydney CBD, CH² & the government services office in Dandenong Victoria.

Product Development is one of our key strengths. All of our systems are independently tested in NATA approved facilities. Our continuous dedication to simulating “real life” scenarios when testing ensures that performance is always achieved no matter who the installer.

With Designers, builders and building owners in mind, we continue to test and co-exist with other name brand products to achieve the cheapest, most easily built solutions possible. These policies have proven that Speedpanel is one of the most tested and certified fire rated and acoustic products on the market.
With prototype thinner panels currently undergoing testing, and floor and roof panels well into design stages, the future looks to get even busier, as we expand into other markets.

Speedpanel’s ease and speed of installation due to its “click-in” technology and its robust performance has made it the product of choice by quality builders and developers.

Speedpanel: Faster, Easier, Stronger.