Design Centre

Architects, Designers and Specifiers can use SPEEDPANEL details to make life easier when documenting often difficult fire and acoustic construction requirements.

Designers and architects are continually left short when it comes to product advice when ensuring projects get specified correctly. This results in delays during construction that can be costly for all parties.

It is with that in mind that SPEEDPANEL offer construction details to suit the ever expanding design environments of today’s world. Available in CAD (.dwg or .dxf), SPEEDPANEL aim to save Architects time during documentation whilst still ensuring that it is done correctly.

Speedpanel CAD files (.dwg and .dxf file formats)

DISCLAIMER: ** Please note that these are general details, are not to scale and may not apply to every application. For design advice and clarification please call (03) 9724 6888 to speak with a Speedpanel employee.