64mm Acoustic Systems

64mm Speedpanel provides acoustic systems that are perfectly suited for townhouse party walls and apartment intertenancy walls with ratings of Rw + CTR 50 also achieving a 90 minute FRL.

64mm Speedpanel is acoustically tested and certified by NATA approved facilities including RMIT University Laboratories.

The metal and lightweight concrete composition of the Speedpanel means that the internal walls of buildings can be completed prior to any external skin being present. This provides advantages to builders and contractors as trades can access the work face quicker than comparative products. For occupiers, how can you go past steel and concrete for security between apartments or townhouses? Speedpanel is devoted to product development and are always undergoing new tests so be sure to check again soon for more systems.

64mm Speedpanel Acoustic Systems product details

DISCLAIMER: ** Please note that these are general details, are not to scale and may not apply to every application. For design advice and clarification please call (03) 9724 6888 to speak with a Speedpanel employee.