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Remove costly structures in your high-rise and commercial project with Speedpanel’s unique ability to adapt to your building. The possibilities are near endless, and the sky is the limit.

Shafts & Risers

Extensive fire testing and the adaptable nature of Speedpanel systems allow design flexibility that surpasses traditional building systems. By utilising the strength of vertically installed Speedpanel as a supporting structure, a horizontally stacked Speedpanel can be built in a single continuous wall in high-rise buildings to unlimited heights.

Using unlimited height horizontal walls connected to vertically installed walls that span from floor slab to soffit around the edge of an open core, Speedpanel systems provide the complete solution to multiple shaft divisions. By simply caulking the Speedpanel joints, the system can be pressurised. In these cases, the Speedpanel fire-rated walls can provide a dual purpose and completely eliminate the need for mechanical ductwork.

Access issues in shafts are no longer a problem as Speedpanel can be installed from one side, and savings are made on costly items such as scaffolding. Once constructed, Speedpanel often doubles as the safety barrier for open shafts resulting in savings in handrail costs also.

Key Benefits

Quick and easy installation

Small footprint

No scaffolding required

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