78mm Acoustic Systems

Speedpanel is the preferred option to provide superior sound barriers in a wide range of building applications throughout all types of commercial and domestic construction.

Speedpanel has an ever expanding array of fully tested and certified acoustic wall systems by NATA approved laboratories.

The extensive range aims to provide the smallest possible footprint, using the cheapest building materials all the while achieving BCA compliant superior acoustic performance. Acoustic ratings from Rw37 to Rw80. We have systems to cater for every application including shaft & riser walls, apartment, office & corridor walls, factory walls, boundary walls, townhouse walls including plant room and car park walls and noise barriers.

78mm Speedpanel Acoustic Systems product details

DISCLAIMER: ** Please note that these are general details, are not to scale and may not apply to every application. For design advice and clarification please call (03) 9724 6888 to speak with a Speedpanel employee.