SPEEDPANEL® embraces the construction industry’s digital revolution


Recognising the important role of digital modelling in today’s construction industry, Speedpanel has introduced a range of new CAD tools designed for use in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and emerging digital technologies.

Speedpanel’s Design Hub – a dedicated web portal – offers free-to-download digital models of the Speedpanel product range to assist architects, engineers and drafting design professionals with their project designs.

The new tools include AutoDesk Revit project files containing models of Speedpanel’s popular Curtain Wall in three panel profiles, as well as Basic Wall models for all of Speedpanel’s current acoustic systems.

Revit project files are also available containing 2D Drafting views of standard Speedpanel connection details.

“Our Basic Wall acoustic systems, bare panel Curtain Walls and 2D Drafting View files are the Speedpanel ‘must-have’ BIM tools for all building design professionals,” says Lindsay Evans, Head of Sales, Marketing and Product Development for Speedpanel.

The Speedpanel Design Hub also offers users with a complete set of the company’s common standard connection details and components to help design teams complete the job faster.

Additionally, Speedpanel has developed SketchUp and AutoCAD Components Packs specifically for users to bring their designs to life. These packs include comprehensive libraries of common standard Speedpanel components and panel profiles.

“We would also encourage customers to subscribe to our CAD Tools page and receive notifications of Speedpanel CAD tool updates so they’re always using the most up-to-date project files available,” says Evans.

As well as being designed for use in Building Information Modelling (BIM) software – which has quickly become an industry-standard – Speedpanel has created these tools with an eye on the emergence of Digital Twin technologies in the construction industry.

Providing a bridge between the physical and the digital world, digital twins are digital replicas of the physical asset. They provide value beyond the design and construction phases of the building by allowing for the simulation of building operations, maintenance and future works in a virtual environment.

“The emergence of digital technologies in the construction industry is exciting, and as a major supplier to the industry we recognise the importance of keeping pace with these developments,” says Evans.

“Speedpanel is committed to industry engagement, customer service and continuous improvement, and the ongoing development of our Design Hub and the tools within it reflect this.”

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