Important Announcement Regarding Speedpanel Certification

* Important Announcement Regarding Speedpanel Certification *

Over the last two years, we’ve had quite a few people contact us about Speedpanel certification being used as a basis for generating “compliance” for other products.  Alarmingly, the frequency of this feedback has now increased to such an extent that we now feel obligated to issue this statement.

Please be aware that regardless of any perceived similarities between Speedpanel and any other products or systems, no manufacturer can use another manufacturer’s certification as a basis for, nor as supporting evidence to determine another product’s suitability and/or compliance. Every manufacturer is responsible for undertaking their own testing and providing the necessary certification for their own products and systems. Speedpanel has spent many, many millions of dollars over more than 20 years conducting extensive testing at NATA accredited, authorised testing laboratories.  Our test reports, fire assessments and other forms of documentation are applicable to Speedpanel’s products and systems only.

If you have been informed of anything contrary to this advice, I strongly advise that you discuss it with your project’s certifier. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact your Speedpanel representative or Speedpanel head office on (03) 91156666.

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