Lead time improvements


Dear Valued Partner,

Since our new start in October 2017, Speedpanel Systems Pty Ltd has undergone some significant changes.  Firstly, it has been critical for us to repair, update (and in some cases) replace key manufacturing equipment which has unfortunately forced longer than desirable lead times.

We acknowledge that the past few months have been difficult in terms of product availability and this has certainly been a considerable source of frustration for us internally as well.  These changes (whilst leading to short-term difficulties) will help ensure that our medium to long-term production and service goals are not only met but exceeded.

These updates are ongoing however we expect to see an improvement in lead times and product availability over the coming weeks and months as the changes start to make a positive impact on production.

Another important change to the business that will have a huge impact on lead times and product availability will be stocked packs of various lengths. The exact quantity and lengths stocked are still to be determined, and will be largely derived from feedback from partners such as yourself.

Additionally, as part of Speedpanel’s ongoing development across various areas of our business, we’re currently undergoing a significant reform of our administrative environment.  As part of this upgrade, it is necessary for us to restructure our quoting, ordering and invoicing processes which will include changes to pricing.  Our goal is to maintain the lowest possible prices. Whilst some items may increase in price, there will also be some that may decrease in price.  Expect to see an updated price list in the coming months for which there will be a notice period prior to it taking effect.

As these exciting new systems and processes start to take shape, Speedpanel will be better positioned to provide you with a far more effective and efficient customer experience, as well as a more comprehensive level of support from our accounts and administrative functions.

Your ongoing patience and support is very much appreciated and we look forward to these improvements taking effect so that we can provide you with the best possible products, service and support.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Speedpanel office.


Lindsay Evans

National Sales Manager

Speedpanel Systems Pty Ltd


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