Media Release – Speedpanel restructures for success

Speedpanel Operations Manager Sharon Hartrick conducts pre-shipping product inspection.

As part of its continuous improvement ethos, Speedpanel – the Australian manufacturer of category-leading fire and acoustic rated panel-based systems – has realigned its customer service and operations functions to deliver a better user experience.

The restructure will see Speedpanel Operations Manager Sharon Hartrick oversee the customer service functions at the company.

Hartrick, who has over 25 years of experience in customer service and senior management within companies manufacturing and supplying materials to the building and construction industry, joined Speedpanel in mid-2018. Since then, she has been the driving force behind numerous business improvement projects including streamlining information flows across planning, inventory, purchasing, maintenance and production.

“New procedures and policies have been implemented to ensure Speedpanel can operate more effectively, reach higher standards and increase the volume of manufactured product to meet the rapidly increasing expectations of the building and construction industries,” says Hartrick.

“We are a growing business, and identifying the correct blend of personnel, systems and manufacturing methods ensures we continue to meet current and future demands.”


Passionate about the company, its products, people and potential, Hartrick says Speedpanel’s ongoing commitment to customer service is a cornerstone of the company’s continuous improvement ethos.

“We want to offer the very best customer journey and experience – whether our customers are dealing with smaller one-off projects or working on large-scale, multistage builds,” she adds.

To achieve this, Speedpanel works closely with customers to understand their project schedules and stay abreast of onsite progress. Maintaining strong relationships with customers ensures Speedpanel is able to meet customer expectations through timely supply of product.

To this end, Speedpanel is proud of its talented and dedicated team.

“The Speedpanel family is diverse,” says Hartrick. “We work hard on the value of good communication both within our teams, across departments and importantly, with our customers.”


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