SPEEDPANEL® Colour Options

Pre-Painted SPEEDPANEL® – Style and aesthetic appeal

Modern construction environments demand the highest in installation efficiency, performance and visual appeal. Speedpanel’s systems combine all of these requirements in an easy to deploy solution that’s designed to add performance and value to your build.
Our panels and system components are available in a galvanised finish, as well as a wide variety of pre-painted colours, making them the perfect way to bring style and aesthetic appeal to your project.

Speedpanel systems generally require significantly less structural support than other systems and offer unrivalled span and height performance. This coupled with industry-leading installation efficiencies, simplicity and performance make them perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications.

Common Colours

The following colours are available for the manufacture of Speedpanel. Increased lead times and additional fees may apply.


Night Sky™

Code: EB

Gull Grey

Shale Grey™

Code: GG



Code: ME

Off White

Surf Mist®

Code: OW

Slate Grey

Woodland Grey™

Code: SL

See SPEEDPANEL® Colour Options




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