SPEEDPANEL®  – Identity Scam Notification 

Speedpanel has become aware of an Identity Theft Scam where clients have received emails from accounts.rec@speedpanel-au.com. The email requests them to update their Speedpanel payments to a fake Commonwealth Bank account.

This is a scam, and our Bank account details HAVE NOT changed. accounts.rec@speedpanel-au.com is also NOT a Speedpanel email address.

Speedpanel would never update its account details without prior warning, and any decision to update Bank account details would be carefully communicated to our customers. We would make official announcements on our website and notifications would be included on all invoices, statements and other financial documents prior to this type of change coming into effect.

If you receive this email please delete it and where required, discuss it with your ICT manager and/or provider.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Speedpanel Representative or contact us at accounts.rec@speedpanel.com.au or +61 3 9115 6666.

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