SPEEDPANEL® systems deployed for warehouse repair

A trusted Australian-owned and operated company, Speedpanel offers one of the industry’s most advanced construction solutions for fire rated and acoustic applications. Our system is highly regarded for its versatility and adaptability.

Recently, Speedpanel installer Ferro Projects in partnership with builder for Insuraplex, deployed a bespoke and tailored Speedpanel solution to a warehouse repair project in Brunswick.

Insuraplex are a specialist builder whom specialise in insurance reinstatement. They were contracted to undertake a warehouse repair job in Brunswick, Victoria. Following an internal fire, the original warehouse, owned by a furniture importer, was damaged. The fire that spread within the building also damaged the adjourning buildings. Many of the building’s walls needed to be replaced and unfortunately the owner’s insurance did not fully cover the cost of a full rebuild.





Insuraplex, with support from the teams at Ferro Projects and Speedpanel’s technical team, developed a solution for making the necessary repairs.

The building’s burnt walls were infilled with Speedpanel. Pre-painted Speedpanel was deployed for all external parts and Galvanised systems were utilised for all internal applications.



The project consisted of basic vertical installations, Speedpanel connect to steel and a parapet. Thanks to Speedpanel, Insuraplex and Ferro Projects the job was completed smoothly and with very satisfying results. The challenging budget was managed and the timeframe was shortened compared to traditional block work/brick wall system methods.

“Ferro Projects were instrumental in providing honest reliable advice working with our design team from concept through to installation. Without Ferro Projects’ input the project would have run months over time,” said David Cameron, Insuraplex’s Director.

Looking for robust and reliable solutions to your construction project?

Speedpanel products were proven to be efficient, clean and cost-effective. Lightweight and versatile, Speedpanel products are incredibly easy to install and are ideal for a smooth modern aesthetic. The lighter weight of the panels also eliminates the need for additional footing costs, so it saves you both time and money.

Contact Speedpanel specialists here to discuss how our technology can help you complete your project in an efficient, cost-effective way, without compromising excellence. We’d love to help you.












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