Speedpanel Pressurised Systems


SPEEDPANEL® is a trusted Australian-owned and operated company that manufactures and distributes cutting-edge acoustic and fire rated wall systems. Our products are deployed throughout the building and construction market on account of their versatility, flexibility and trusted certification by fully independent NATA-accredited laboratories.


In line with our mission to maximise the performance and value of the built environment, we’ve deemed it essential to better communicate common challenges, considerations and recommendations on a host of Speedpanel-related topics from acoustic performance, sealants, project execution and overall system specification and design. Our first, SPEEDPANEL® TechBIT #1, is a look into pressurised Speedpanel systems and some important design considerations to help guide conversations between designers, builders and installers to maximise efficient and effective pressurised system design and deployment.


Experience has taught us that Speedpanel pressurisation system challenges generally occur due to works commencing prematurely and with a general lack of thought around various critical performance, design and sequencing requirements, ultimately leading to poor system outcomes. To help prevent this, Speedpanel has developed the below system design guidelines and considerations, which we strongly recommend the builder and installer discuss with their teams before the construction of pressurised Speedpanel systems occurs.


SPEEDPANEL® Pressurised system guidelines & design considerations

  1. Performance criteria:
    1. Required FRL (incl. direction of fire protection required)
    2. Acoustic performance
  2. Pressurisation:
    1. Pressure required
    2. Allowable leakage rate
  3. Design considerations:
    1. Environmental considerations (e.g., moisture, humidity, heat, chemicals)
    2. Building movement
  4. The sequence of construction (in consideration of):
    1. Track installation
    2. Panel installation
    3. Service(s) installation
    4. Sealing
    5. Inspection
    6. Testing
    7. “Sign-off”
  5. Sealant of the entire “system”:
    1. Type of sealant to be used (Speedpanel recommends Polyurethane sealant)
    2. Quantity of sealant (excessive quantity of sealant is a common mistake when sealing Speedpanel)
    3. Location of sealant
  6. Periodic inspection and testing:
    1. It is imperative that any SPEEDPANEL® shaft expected to withstand pressure is periodically tested for air infiltration during its construction to identify potential issues early. These issues can include deficiencies or oversights in either the installation of the SPEEDPANEL® system in isolation or the surrounding elements such as gaps or holes in the concrete structure, untreated service penetrations or temporary penetrations that have not been rectified.


SPEEDPANEL® recommends that installers adhere to the guidelines above to avoid issues onsite.  Early design, coupled with early and frequent testing will ensure smooth and easy installation and prevent frustration, costly rectification and lost time.

Please note that the above information should be considered general recommendations for pressurised systems. For more specific project advice, the Speedpanel team is always available to answer questions, meet onsite or online and play our part in ensuring that the implementation of Speedpanel technology is as effective and efficient as possible.

Looking for robust and reliable solutions to your construction project?

Speedpanel is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of cutting-edge acoustic and fire rated wall systems. Developed by a team with many years of construction industry experience, the innovation behind SPEEDPANEL® systems addresses the practical, real-world challenges faced by builders, contractors, architects and engineers. Speedpanel’s lightweight composition, ease of installation and superior acoustic properties has seen its uptake throughout the building industry.

Contact Speedpanel here to discuss how our modular technology, backed by trusted certification, can help speed up your build program to deliver exceptional performance and results.

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