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Speedpanel apertures & penetration fire test.

An Australian-owned and operated company, Speedpanel manufactures and supplies cutting-edge fire rated and acoustic systems that are suitable for a range of multi-residential, industrial and commercial applications. Speedpanel’s systems are some of the most certified fire rated and acoustic systems available, offering superior performance and speeding up critical construction pathways on projects.

Lightweight, easy to install and designed to achieve best outcomes for building program efficiency, Speedpanel systems are extensively tested and certified by NATA accredited and internationally recognised laboratories including; Warringtonfire, Branz, ViPAC, RMIT and Ian Bennie & Associates.

“When it comes to certification we don’t play games. We walk a straight line and never deviate,” assures Nick Scheuer, Speedpanel’s Managing Director. 

Speedpanel is committed to providing solutions that align with the technical and design parameters of construction projects, whether it be in commercial, industrial and multi-residential applications. This is why we place such importance on the certification of our products, not only in increasing their scope but also in ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Nick Scheuer, Speedpanel’s Managing Director (Left) & James Armytage, our Specification, Technical and Product Development Manager (Right) inspecting panel shells to ensure suitability for proposed applications.

James Armytage, Speedpanel’s Specification, Technical and Product Development Manager added, “We approach the certification process in a methodical and comprehensive manner, adhering to a strong foundation of ethical business principles and practices to give our clients the highest degrees of confidence.”

Speedpanel’s fire safety objectives are consistent with those of the National Construction Code (NCC), aiming to protect occupants from illness or injury from fire in the building, to protect occupants from illness or injury from fire while evacuating the building, and to prevent fire from spreading from one building to another. As such, we offer systems that are tested and certified to Fire Resistance Levels (FRL) from -/60/60 to -/240/240. 

When it comes to sound insulation, Speedpanel have a range of tested acoustic systems , available with Weighted Sound Reduction (Rw) from Rw32 up to Rw80. 

With the strong dedication to providing robust and reliable solutions Speedpanel is the ideal choice for your construction projects. Contact our specialists and let us discuss how we can help you achieve certified and code-compliant fire and acoustic solutions.









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