Speedpanel CAD tools are provided for the purpose of assisting architects, engineers and drafting design professionals with useful models for simplifying project design.

Fixings, sealants and other system components cannot be captured holistically as is most cases the types, quantities and locations of these components area specific to each application. These elements may be omitted from some models for clarity purposes and software limitations.

Designs, models and/or connection details should not be referred to in isolation and users are ultimately responsible for ensuring that Speedpanel systems are designed and/or installed as per the current certification(s) and instruction(s) also available on our website.

For further information please feel free to contact your local Speedpanel Office.

Autodesk Revit Models

Our Basic Wall acoustic systems, bare panel Curtain Walls and 2D Drafting View files are the Speedpanel ‘must-have’ BIM tools for building design professionals.

SPEEDPANEL® Curtain Walls (Bare Panels)

Revit project file containing Curtain Wall models of our 3 panel profiles.

3.31MB UPDATED Sep 2020

SPEEDPANEL® Basic Walls (Acoustic Systems)

Revit project file containing Basic Wall models for all of our current acoustic systems.

7.29MB UPDATED Sep 2020

SPEEDPANEL® 2D Drafting Views

Revit project file containing 2D Drafting views of standard Speedpanel connection details.

4.65MB UPDATED Sep 2020


Our complete set of our common standard connection details and components are here to help your design team get the job done faster.

SPEEDPANEL® AutoCAD Components & Details Pack

A comprehensive AutoCAD project file featuring standard Speedpanel components and connection details.

(ZIP) 7.33MB UPDATED Sep 2020


Want to add Speedpanel to your SketchUp file, grab our components pack below and help your design come to life.

SPEEDPANEL® SketchUp Components Pack

A SketchUp components pack featuring standard Speedpanel components.

(ZIP) 31.05MB UPDATED Sep 2020