Design made easy.

Our design hub contains all technical details needed to include Speedpanel in your project prior to construction.


Autodesk Revit Versions

SPEEDPANEL® Curtain Walls (Bare Panels)

Revit project file containing Curtain Wall models of our 3 panel profiles.

3.32MB UPDATED Sep 2020

SPEEDPANEL® Basic Walls (Acoustic Systems)

Revit project file containing Basic Wall models for all of our current acoustic systems.

(ZIP) 6.74MB UPDATED Oct 2020

SPEEDPANEL® 2D Drafting Views

Revit project file containing 2D Drafting views of standard Speedpanel connection details.

4.71MB UPDATED Sep 2020

All Speedpanel construction details have been developed as a guide and may only be applicable to certain projects or building applications. Each project and/or application may have specific requirements. Please ensure you have read and understood the appropriate certification relative to your needs during design prior to commencing construction. Speedpanel certification can be viewed on the resources page of this website.

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