Fire Certification

Speedpanel is used to provide fire protection in a wide range of building applications throughout all types of commercial and domestic construction.

Speedpanel is completely fire tested and certified by all NATA approved facilities including Exova Warringtons, Branz and CSIRO.

The extensive range of tests and assessments include several heights, spans and connecting configurations allow vertically installed Speedpanel up to 14m high and horizontally installed Speedpanel spanning 5m between structures to be built with no limit in height whilst still providing certified fire rating. Complete service penetration requirements including pipes, cables, ducts, cable trays, dampers and doors have all been accredited. Speedpanel can provide up to a -/240/240 FRL.

Speedpanel Fire Certifications

51mm SPEEDPANEL™ Fire Certifications

51mm Speedpanel

51mm Speedpanel provides a -/60/60 FRL for vertical spans 5.0m and stacked up to 14m high which is perfectly suited for townhouse party walls and apartment intertenancy walls.

Fire Certifications

64mm SPEEDPANEL™ Fire Certifications

64mm Speedpanel

64mm Speedpanel provides a -/90/90 FRL for vertical spans 5.0m and stacked up to 14m high which can suit applications such as corridor walls, apartment intertenancy walls and townhouse party walls.

Fire Certifications

78mm SPEEDPANEL™ Fire Certifications

78mm Speedpanel

78mm Speedpanel is the most versatile and highest rated of all our available products. It can achieve up to a -/240/240 FRL and is used across many applications including shaft and riser walls and colour external walls.

Fire Certifications