78mm Fire Certification

78mm SPEEDPANEL™ the most versatile and highest rated. It can achieve up to an FRL of -/240/240 and is certified with all wall penetrating items such as doors, pipes and electrical items.

78mm SPEEDPANEL™ is completely fire tested and certified by NATA approved facilities including Exova Warringtonfire.

The 78mm SPEEDPANEL™ can be installed between structural elements at 5.0m spans and then constructed to unlimited heights. When vertically installed it can span up to 6.0m. The 78mm SPEEDPANEL™ can even be connected to itself and sealed to double as fire separation walls and replace ductwork in shafts and risers of high rise buildings. Large spanning shed walls are suitable for 78mm panel due to large spans, high wind resistance and colour steel finishes available. Be sure to look at our installation videos for more information

78mm SPEEDPANEL™ Fire Certification Tests