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Remove costly structures in your high-rise and commercial project due to Speedpanel’s unique ability to adapt to your building. The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Intertenancy & Corridors

We know how easily small costs can add up and become prohibitive. It is with this in mind that when testing Speedpanel Systems, we construct easy to build, real-life scenarios in laboratories. This includes cutting holes in the plasterboard for down-lights, GPOs and light switches.

We also remove unnecessary costs that come with slow, fiddly labour such as wasteful plasterboard above ceiling height and costly fire boxes behind GPOs. This can only be done due to solid Speedpanel that acts as the heart of the wall system.

As Speedpanel provides fire ratings, multiple layers of heavy fire rated plasterboard can be switched for single layers of lighter, cheaper standard plasterboard, and treatment of service penetrations in the plasterboard for fire purposes can be eliminated.

Noise complaints or costly defects will be avoided due real-life scenarios we use in acoustic testing, and added security provides occupants with piece of mind.