Watch your project speed up.

Just like making a blockbuster film, time is money. Speedpanel saves you additional labour costs with easy installation and ability to reach large spans.

Separation Walls

Speedpanel is the perfect solution for separation walls within factory and warehouse environments. The made to order, pre-fabricated panels are lightweight and easy to handle, with the tongue and groove click together system incredibly fast to install. The versatility of Speedpanel shines due to its unique ability to be installed either vertically or horizontally, making it simple to connect to existing structures and therefore saving significant costs. When Speedpanel is stacked horizontally (max 4.5m spans) it can be built to unlimited heights – perfect for the high roofs of warehouses and factories.

When comparing Speedpanel to other systems, it is important to compare all costs associated with other wall construction methods. Due to the weight of Speedpanel, often additional footings costs are avoided, as are unnecessary scaffolding costs that would be required when building similar tall walls in blockwork.

Speedpanel walls can also easily be dismantled and re-used multiple times within its lifecycle, providing flexibility to factories and warehouses that may need to change their factory layout overtime.