Speedpanel is dedicated to operating in ways that minimise and mitigate negative environmental impacts wherever possible.


Development and innovation has been engrained in Speedpanel’s DNA for over 20 years and will remain a core pillar of our ongoing strategy.

Continuous improvement

At Speedpanel we are always looking innovative ways to improve. We pride ourselves on learning from our mistakes, with a heavy focus on the actionable items in order to develop and grow as individuals and an organisations.

Honesty & Integrity

Speedpanel strives for honesty and integrity, adhering to a strong foundation of uncompromising moral and ethical principles and values.


Speedpanel encourages open and constructive communication. We strive for efficient and effective communication (both internally and externally), maintaining the highest possible degrees of respect, honesty and open-mindedness.



Speedpanel maintains rigorous standards no matter the size of the project. We care deeply about providing cutting-edge products and services, in order to return the best possible results for our clients and partners.

Accountability & Excellence

Every member of the Speedpanel family is accountable for their own results, actions and efforts. The pursuit of excellence is fundamental to our continued success.

Adding Value

We pride ourselves on being helpful and informative, with an extensive knowledge not only of our products, but also of associated systems to ensure the optimal deployment of Speedpanel technologies. Extracting maximum performance and value is at the core of our success.


We recognise that the strength of the Speedpanel team does not only lie in our combined collaboration, experience and expertise, but in our ability to trust each other and work well together for the collective good of our team, partners, community and environment.