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Remove costly structures in your high-rise and commercial project with Speedpanel’s unique ability to adapt to your building. The possibilities are near endless, and the sky is the limit.

Ceilings & Bulkheads

Where ceiling and bulkhead situations often become difficult is with the certification to cover building sign-off. This is often the case where multiple product systems have been used to create a solution.

Speedpanel has extensive certification and assessments from independent testing bodies with complete solutions that allow sound peace of mind when using Speedpanel systems.

The small lightweight capabilities lend themselves naturally to these often difficult, hard-to-reach areas of the worksite. Fire rated bulkheads are often difficult to achieve around services. 78mm Speedpanel can create a bulkhead that drops 1.5m and extends back 3m from the supporting structure.

Key Benefits

Spans up to 3 metres wide

Easily handled in confined spaces

Certified systems

Our Project Portfolio is as extensive as our knowledge.