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Remove costly structures in your high-rise and commercial project with Speedpanel’s unique ability to adapt to your building. The possibilities are near endless, and the sky is the limit.

External & Facade Substrate

When working on an external or boundary wall of a building it is often impossible to erect expensive scaffolding, or even gain access to other elevated work platforms. We have therefore developed systems that allow all fixings and sealants to be constructed from one side of the wall, which means Speedpanel walls can be built on a boundary without requiring any access to the neighbouring property.

Speedpanel has completed testing on wind loading and deflection requirements and created systems that have been suitable for building applications such as external facade elements in either a horizontal or vertical fashion, in standard or low wind regions of Australia and New Zealand up to the highest ‘wind region’ category (including region C & D) as defined in AS/NZ 1170.2:2011.

Speedpanel systems do have the ability to support large weight in the form of facades, electrical boxes and other service componentry based on screw fixing tests into specific locations within the Speedpanel system.

Key Benefits

Weather resistant

Colour steel finishes available

Cyclonic tested

Our Project Portfolio is as extensive as our knowledge.