Watch your project speed up.

Time is money, and Speedpanel saves you additional labour costs with easy installation and ability to reach large spans.

Cinema Walls

Building cinema walls with Speedpanel is the ideal choice as our systems can deliver up to a -/240/240 FRL in certain instances.

Not only can you stack to unlimited heights with our 78mm panel but unlike plasterboard systems which require multiple layers on each face to build up the system density, Speedpanel only has a single skin. By varying the density of infill (kg/m3) within each skin the panels become stronger and therefore able to disrupt sound transmission resulting in better overall outcomes across greater frequency ranges.

We can tailor our panels to your acoustic requirements, with apertures and penetrations easily treated without any detrimental effects to ratings.

You will use less structural steel due to the large span capabilities of Speedpanel in cinema applications, plus our systems are lighter and require less overall structure to support your foundation.

Key Benefits

Superior acoustic properties

Continuously stack to
unlimited heights

Quick and easy installation

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