Watch your project speed up.

Time is money, and Speedpanel saves you additional labour costs with easy installation and ability to reach large spans..

External Walls

Our external wall systems incorporate a 78mm thick Speedpanel as the exterior surface fixed to a structural timber or steel* stud wall with insulation located within the framing cavity and an internal plasterboard lining.

In a boundary wall situation, being able to construct a pre-finished, fire rated wall from one direction is often essential, specifically where access is difficult or non-existent from the adjoining property. Speedpanel Systems provide a pre-finished aesthetic with various galvanised or colour steel options. This negates the need for additional finishes and painting requirements.

Due to the ease of handling and lightweight composition of Speedpanel and the fact that most systems can be constructed and screwed off from one direction, the associated costs of scaffolding or other elevated work platforms is eliminated. Speedpanel can be assembled directly through the framing when required.

*Timber structure must be in accordance with AS 1720.1 or AS 1684. Steel structure must be in accordance with  AS/NZS 4600 or AS 3623.

Key Benefits

Weather resistant

Colour steel finishes available

Build from one side

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