Protect your home.

Give your multi-residential projects a greater impact with Speedpanel. Superior acoustic properties and lightweight composition promise a safe and secure result.

Party Walls

Our party wall systems incorporate either the 78mm, 64mm or 51mm thick Speedpanel between timber or steel* stud walls with insulation in framing cavities and internal plasterboard linings.

Due to the simplicity of the click together technology, specialised trades are not required for installation as carpenters, block layers and plasterers have all been successful Speedpanel installers. In a Party Wall application, the Speedpanel can be installed at the same time as the frame, reducing trades people on site, and speeding up program time.

We often cut holes into the plasterboard for services such as light switches, power points, downlights and even large square holes when testing. Results have proven that due to the solid Speedpanel in-between each side of the wall, these holes don’t affect fire or acoustic performance. Rest easy knowing occupants will not have issues and costly rectifications will be avoided. In addition, Speedpanel cannot be easily broken into without power tools so are significantly increased security benefits.

*Timber structure must be in accordance with AS 1720.1 or AS 1684. Steel structure must be in accordance with AS/NZS 4600 or AS 3623.

Key Benefits

Weather resistant

No fire rated boxes needed behind GPO’s

Superior acoustic properties

Featured Project


A residential development consisting of 119 two-three bedroom townhouses in Mentone, Victoria.

Speedpanel was used as a time saving alternative to Aerated Autoclaved Panels as carpenters on site were able to install at the same time as timber framing. This avoided the need for secondary trades therefore increasing productivity and saving on costs.

Client: Charter Hall

Architect: DA Architects



See our Multi-Residential Guide for installation details.