See our basic product specifications and product capabilities to get started specifying or constructing with Speedpanel.

When it comes to construction, both fire and acoustic requirements are critical to get correct. It is essential that the materials comply in both areas of fire and sound for safety and satisfaction of the occupants.

Getting this designed and constructed correctly is often a tricky business. Please see our array of products, specifications and product capabilities to get the process underway correctly. Speedpanel offers a small footprint with superior acoustics and extensive fire ratings.

Speedpanel Product Specifications


51mm Speedpanel

The 51mm Speedpanel is primarily aimed at apartment and townhouse building developments. Whilst achieving FRL -/60/60 with excellent acoustics intertenancy, corridor and party walls can be constructed with a smaller footprint than ever before.


78mm Speedpanel

The 78mm Speedpanel can achieve up to FRL -/240/240 with acoustics up to Rw 80. Perfect for use in cinemas and industrial buildings, it is also the preferred choice in continuous shaft walls and plant rooms in high rise towers where superior fire and acoustic protection is required.