51mm Speedpanel

Our New 51mm Speedpanel is simply Faster, Smaller and Lighter

The 51mm Speedpanel footprint gives more space back to the floorplate, creating the ideal solution for residential applications whilst maintaining the standards you expect from Speedpanel.

51mm Speedpanel FRL -/60/60

Speedpanel are pleased to introduce into the market our brand new 51mm panel. 51mm Speedpanel provides a -/60/60 FRL for vertical spans up to 14m high and is perfectly suited for townhouse party walls and apartment intertenancy walls.

51mm SPEEDPANEL Diagram

51mm SPEEDANEL Installation

Due to the thin width of the new 51mm panel, 21 panels will now fit into each pack – an increase of 38% more Speedpanel per pack. These slight, yet key differences mean more square metres of Speedpanel will fit on each delivery in addition to the further ease and speed of installation, providing even more time and cost savings to both the builder and the installer. Please feel free to give us a call today to discuss the potential use for the 51mm Speedpanel on your current or upcoming project.