78mm Speedpanel

See our basic product specifications and product capabilities to get started specifying or constructing with Speedpanel.

When it comes to construction, nothing is more important to get right than fire and acoustics. It is essential that the materials comply in both areas of fire and sound.

Getting this designed and constructed correctly is often a tricky business. Please see our basic product specifications and product capabilities to get the process underway correctly. Speedpanel offers a small footprint with superior acoustics and extensive fire ratings.

Panel Properties

Panel Properties

Width Installed 250mm
Length Up to 9.00 metres
Thickness 78mm
Weight / metre 9.90kg
Weight/m² 39.60kg
Shell Material 0.4mm BMT galvanised steel
Core Material Light Weight Concrete
Thermal Properties Bare Panel R0.3 *

* Please contact our office for information on building wall systems to exceed R0.3

78mm Speedpanel dimensions

Maximum safe wind loads for Vertical/Horizontal

Distance Between Support Safe Pressure Differential
6.60 metres 0.38 kPa
5.60 metres 0.75 kPa
4.50 metres 1.50 kPa
3.50 metres 3.00 kPa
2.50 metres 5.30 kPa

Maximum Safe Height for self support.

Non Load Bearing Vertically Horizontally
Fire rated -/120/120 6 metres 4.5 metres span , height unlimited
Supported Vertical 3 metre centres 9 Metres when attached to structure or vertical Speedpanel walls
Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions

System No. RW Rating Net RW Description Footprint mm
1A 40 34 Bare 435kg/m³ Speedpanel 78
17C 60 54 13mm plasterboard, 64mm steel studs, Autex 75mm x 25kg/m³ insulation infill, 20mm air cavity, 600kg/m³ Speedpanel, 13mm standard plasterboard direct fixed 188
19B 62 53 13mm plasterboard, 64mm steel stud, 100mm x 32kg/m³ insulation infill, 30mm air cavity, 600kg/m³ Speedpanel, 13mm furring chanel, 13mm standard plasterboard 211
19F 50 41 435kg/m³ Speedpanel core wall, 16mm batten on furring channel clips, 25mm cavity, 25mm x 32kg/m³ insulation infill, 13mm Firestop Boral plasterboard 116
12J 75 66 Twin 600kg/m³ Speedpanel, 350mm air cavity, 90mm x 42kg/m³ insulation infill. 596
Fire Rating Capacity

Fire Rating Capacity

Certificate Description Footprint mm Structural Adequacy/
Integrity / Insulation
BRANZ FAR 3754 Bare Speedpanel to 3.0 metre spans 78 -/240/120
BRANZ FAR 3561 Bare Speedpanel to 4.5 metre spans 78 -/120/120
BRANZ FAR 3525 Bare Speedpanel to 6.0 metre spans 78 -/120/120
CSIRO FCO 1762 2 x Bare Speedpanel Walls with 50mm Cavity 206 -/240/240
BRANZ FAR 3580 Shafts horizontal spans to 4.5 metres self supporting 78 -/120/120
BRANZ FAR 3712 Townhouse separation wall to 9.0 metre height 78 -/120/120
Warringtons 21622-15 Multiple duct penetrations -/120/120
Warringtons 25518-02 Pipe penetrations -/120/120
Warringtons 26500-00 Cables and Cable trays -/120/120
CSIRO FCO 2124 Fire rated single and double doors -/120/30
Warringtons 26554-00 Movement joint for vertical Speedpanel walls -/120/30