64mm Fire Certification

64mm Speedpanel provides a -/90/90 FRL for vertical spans 5.0m and stacked up to 14m high which can suit applications such as corridor walls, apartment intertenancy walls and townhouse party walls.

64mm Speedpanel has been assessed and certified by all NATA approved facilities including Exova Warringtonfire.

The new 90 minute fire rated 64mm Speedpanel can span up to 5.0m vertically. It is the perfect mid-size panel situated between the 60 minute 51mm Speedpanel and 120 minute 78mm Speedpanel. The 64mm Speedpanel is packaged with 17 panels per pack allowing more square metres of wall getting to the work face every time a crane lifts a pack, and more panels per truck load increasing transport efficiency. These slight, yet key differences mean more time and cost savings to both the builder and the installer.

64mm Speedpanel Fire Certification Tests